Winsett Grips Ancient Bison 1911Winsett Grips inherits its name from R.E. Winsett, the composer and publisher of Gospel Music and inductee into the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame. As his descendant, I believe his namesake best embodies the spirit of creation that goes into every Winsett product.

The focus at Winsett Grips is to provide custom quality grips and stocks to a greater number of people. By combining American Craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics with traditional and exotic materials we deliver grips that make each customers’ 1911 a personal expression.

The 1911 design has lasted for over a hundred years and is as battle tested as a pistol can get. You can get one in any flavor and variation you can imagine; from a classic Mil-Spec to a full featured race gun. Winsett Grips is proud to make parts for this American classic pistol in America.

Customer satisfaction and continual improvement are core principles at Winsett Grips. You can contact us anytime with questions or communicate your needs. We listen and we are here for you.  You can check out our most recent hand crafted grips below and check out more offerings in our store. If you would like to ask a question or find out what products we have coming up feel free to contact us at any time.